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Comprehensive Customized Insurance Plans for Off-Road/ Performance Vehicle Repair Businesses

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High-Risk Off-Road and Performance Vehicle Repair Insurance

Cover Your High-Risk Off-Road and Performance Vehicle Repair Shops with Our Specialized Insurance Solutions

Garages and repair shop owners of off-road vehicles need comprehensive insurance coverage to protect them from liabilities arising from their unique industry risks, fixing customers' vehicles, and keeping them safe. Customers' vehicles can be stolen or accidentally damaged by an employee, fire, or weather-related events, which may result in heavy financial liabilities. At GrayStone Insurance Group, we offer off-road vehicle performance repair shops insurance to cover you against such potential mishaps and resulting losses.

Partner with us today to get all-inclusive insurance coverage for your off-road and performance vehicle repair business.

Mitigate Today's and Tomorrow's Risks with Our Comprehensive Coverage

Running an auto repair shop involves unique risks, including:

  • Your employee may damage a customer's high-value vehicle or injure themselves or others while test-driving or repairing it.
  • Someone may slip on your wet surface or floor and sustain bodily injuries.
  • Customers can sue your business for at-fault accidents.
  • Fire incidents may destroy your garage and assets, including your tools, air compressors, customers' vehicles, etc.
  • An accident may be caused during transit when one of your workers is towing a vehicle

If you don't have performance shops insurance, these unfortunate incidents can financially ruin your business while interrupting its operations.

>How Can GrayStone Help Repair Shops

How Can GrayStone Help Repair Shops Get the Right Coverage?

At GrayStone Insurance Group, we believe every client is entitled to the best-in-class insurance policy with sufficient coverage options. So, we create a customized policy that ensures your repair shop and its assets are fully insured against every possible exposure.

We cover everything that matters to you without excluding coverage for any industry-specific risks. By securing the right repair shop insurance policy from us, you're financially protected and can work without worries.

Our Repair Shop Insurance Solutions

We offer the following coverages under our off-road vehicle insurance:

  • General Liability Coverage
    Includes premises liability, completed work coverage, and product liability coverage and provides financial protection for legal expenses and medical bills you incur if a customer or visitor is injured on your property or by your operations.
  • Garage Keepers Liability Coverage
    Covers loss or damage to customers' vehicles while they are in your garage or under your care.
  • Crime Coverage
    Covers vandalism or theft of money, assets, and equipment resulting from employee dishonesty, burglary, or third-party fraudulence acts.
  • Commercial Auto
    Collision and comprehensive coverages to cover damage or repairs to business vehicles and accidents involving them.
  • Commercial Property
    Covers damage to your business property and its contents, including your building, equipment, tools, inventory, and personal property used for business, caused by vandalism, theft, fire, and natural disasters.
  • Equipment Breakdown Coverage
    Covers damages to your tools and equipment, including lifts, jacks, drills, battery chargers, etc., caused by theft, fire, storm, breakdowns, and vandalism.
  • Workers' Compensation Coverage
    Compensates your employees after a workplace accident or injury and protects your business from related lawsuits.

Protect Your Performance / Off-Road Shops with Us at GrayStone

Performance shops usually fall under the hard-to-cover category because of having expensive liabilities arising from expensive cars and bikes. Yet, fortunately, at GrayStone Insurance Group, we specialize in writing policies for high-risk businesses across Texas.

Our skilled and experienced insurance professionals at GrayStone are always here to assist you in protecting your business and its contents with customized coverage. We're your trusted insurance partners and can help you grow your business and remain financially secure despite the challenges.

If you are looking for affordable repair shops insurance near you, contact us today at info@graystonetx.com or call us at 516-862-4797.