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Cover Industry-Specific Risks and Accidents Involving Your Business with Customized Insurance Plans

If you are a contractor, you have had some experience with the construction industry, including workers' compensation, bonding, or general liability. Comprehensive coverage helps your business operate seamlessly by financially covering unwelcome risks and protecting your project, employees, and business. Contractors' insurance is a powerful shield to your business designed to keep your business secure and safe and protect the financial damages.

Choose the right plan to get the perfect insurance for your business coverage. A single insurance plan isn't adequate for all businesses. Your company is unique and therefore needs customized coverage tailored to suit its unique risks. At GrayStone Insurance, we offer you personalized insurance plans suited to your requirements and budget.

who we insure with contractors insurance

Who We Insure

We can protect your contracting business from accidents, lawsuits, and damages occurring due to several named perils. Our experts will cover 360-degree coverage for your requirements. We help you stay resilient against work-related incidents. At GrayStone Insurance, our policies are designed to keep the following business:


Electrical contacts are an essential part of our modern infrastructure. Failing to have proper insurance coverage can lead to many hazardous events such as injury to electricians, damage to property, road issues, etc. The insurance policy protects your business by mitigating liabilities and risks.

General Contractors

Accidents can happen at any time, and an accident at a construction site is highly risky. It could entirely spoil your business. General contractor insurance for contractors helps cover expenses related to worksite injuries, property damage, stolen equipment or material, and other daily risks.


Painters juggle many risks every day, including climbing and potential slips or falling object hazards. Having adequate insurance coverage can financially protect against damage. Our painters insurance package covers general liability, pollution liability, tools and equipment, etc.

Concrete Finisher

Concrete jobs can be dangerous as you deal with several different materials. If the customer's property is damaged, it can take your business into debt. Concrete contract insurance can help you cover damage, legal fees, and medical payments, and also offers inland marine coverage, property insurance coverage, premises liability coverage, etc.


Carpentry is a skill-based trade specializing in cutting, shaping, and installing different wood materials. Any injury to an individual or property can cause expensive damage, and recovering from it might not be easy without the necessary coverage. A carpenter contract insurance covers against bodily injury, property damage, data loss, etc.


The plumbing business involves many risks, including installing, fixing, and repairing pipes that can lead to major residential or commercial property damage. Adequate insurance can help you cover various risks routinely faced by plumbers, including completed operation coverage, workers compensation, general liability insurance, etc.


The roofing business involves many daily perils for individuals, such as working at great heights, lifting heavy materials, and potential faulty work that can cause severe damage. Roofers Contract insurance can cover the worst financial damages you might face.


Landscaping involves many activities where there are chances of an employee getting hurt, equipment being damaged during work, or a commercial vehicle being wrecked. The right insurance coverage to fit your needs makes it easier to cover the damage and loss.

Our Top Contractors Insurance Solutions

Contract insurance can protect you from lawsuits, damage, and everyday accidents. Our experts will advise you on the best solution considering your business and the risk involved. Check out the top solutions we offer.

  • General Liability Insurance For Contractors:
    It helps general contractors pay for various expenses associated with third-party property damages and injuries.
  • Business Owners' Policy (BOP):
    This policy combines general liability, commercial property, and business interruption insurance into a single plan.
  • Professional Liability Insurance:
    This plan is specifically for contractors with design-build or construction management projects and covers both contractors and third-party hires, like architects, engineers, and designers
  • Commercial Property Insurance:
    These insurance plans protect commercial properties from damages incurred during incidents like fire, theft, earthquake, volcano, etc.
  • Workers' Compensation Insurance:
    Workers' compensation coverage financially covers your employees when they face a work-related illness or injury.
The GrayStone Difference

The GrayStone Difference

  • The tailored policy you can rely on: Our experienced insurance experts at GrayStone Insurance will evaluate your business and its associated risks to help you get the best insurance solutions at the best rates.
  • We are here for you: We are always there to financially protect you against unfortunate risks in your business and life. We provide 360-degree coverage solutions for all your business's unique needs. GrayStone ensures you get only the best policy and satisfactory service.

Your search for insurance for contractors near you ends with GrayStone Insurance. We've got your risks covered. Get in touch with us for a personalized policy! Contact us today at info@graystonetx.com or call us at 516-862-4797.