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Whether you own a boat or transport goods over the sea, we have you covered at GrayStone Insurance. We offer comprehensive marine liability insurance and charter boat insurance coverage to protect your ships and marine-related operations from third-party liability claims and other unfortunate incidents.

Cover Your Boat and Marine Activities with Our All-Inclusive Coverage

Charter Boat Insurance

Charter Boat Insurance

Whether your boat is used for a party, a corporate event, or just taking a tourist for a ride, there are always potential risks on the water. As the owner of the vessel, you are responsible for what happens to or due to your boat. This includes any damage caused to your boat due to natural circumstances or vandalism and any damage caused to other people and properties by your boat. This is where our commercial and charter boat liability insurance can come to your rescue and help keep your business stay afloat.

Our commercial and charter boat insurance cover most of your commercial boats, including party boats, bar boats, double-decker boats, commercial fishing vessels, tugboats, passenger charters, and rental vessels.

Marine Liability Insurance

Marine Liability Insurance

From hull damage to lost cargo and liability risks associated with a collision, pollution, and third-party injuries, maritime professionals (ship repairers, charterers, marina operators, and terminal operators) are exposed to numerous risks, which can turn into costly liabilities.

This is where a marine liability insurance policy can help. It protects you against all the losses and liability risks arising from your operations on or near the water, keeping your business afloat.

What Coverages We Offer

Marine Liability Insurance

  • Protection and Indemnity (P&I)
    Covers boat owners' liability for bodily injury and property damage (but captain's or crew's liability may be included/excluded)
  • Maritime Employers Liability
    Covers employers' liability under Admiralty Law (Jones Act, Maintenance & Cure, etc.) while excluding third-party and Longshore liabilities
  • Jones Act
    Allows seamen to sue their employers for negligence in the event of illness or injury sustained in service of the vessel
  • Collision Liability
    Covers physical damage to another vessel you might hit
  • Towers Liability
    Covers liability to a vessel and its cargo you are pushing or towing
  • Hull Damage
    Covers losses to the hull, machinery, and equipment in the vessel in the event of damage or destruction to the ship
  • Vessel Pollution
    Covers accidental vessel-related pollution cleanup, OPA and Non-OPA compliance, and optional fines and penalties
  • Longshoremen and Harbor Workers Compensation Act (USL&H)
    A federal worker's compensation program that protects dockside workers
  • Umbrella (Bumbershoot)
    Extended coverage to cover liability claims exceeding the limits of standard liability policies
  • Traveling Workmen
    Covers workmen appointed by the insured for repairing or customizing the ship by considering them as the ship's crew
  • Excess Collision
    Added to the P&I policy to cover physical damage you cause to another vessel up to its limit.

Charter Boat Insurance

  • Physical Damage
    Covers damage or loss caused to your boat by weather, theft, fire, and collision.
  • Personal Property/Fishing Tackle
    Covers fishing equipment and other personal belongings that are stolen, damaged, or lost
  • Towing and Emergency Assistance
    Covers the costs of towing your boat and emergency assistance, such as hiring mechanical labor at the place of breakdown and delivery of a battery, fuel, or oil
  • Dockside Liability Coverage
    Covers damage to your boat while on the dock and injuries sustained by your passengers on the dock before entering the boat
  • Protection and Indemnity (P&I) Liability
    Covers you against liability claims arising from bodily injury and property damage caused by your crew or an accident involving your boat
  • Replacement Vessel Liability
    Covers loss or damage to the rental vessels that are used as temporary replacements
  • Medical Payments
    Pays medical expenses incurred by you and your fellow passengers after an at-fault boat accident
  • Agreed Value
    Pays to repair or replace your boat up to the agreed value, which is the amount decided by you and us while purchasing the policy
  • Pollution Liability
    Reimburses accidental vessel-related pollution cleanup, optional fines and penalties, and OPA and Non-OPA compliance
  • Charter Legal Liability
    Covers loss or damage to the vessel, cargo on the vessel, and liabilities for inadvertent wrongful release of cargo and salvage contributions
  • Shoreside Liability
    Covers your liability when you guide passengers on the beach for nature tours, wade fishing, or shelling

Want More Coverage for Your Waterside Business? Say No More! We Cover Marinas Too

Owning and running your own business is hard enough, let alone on the waterfront. We’ll provide full coverage for your marina, from the property to facilities and vehicles used for maintenance. Whether you’re looking to cover boat slips, boat launches, bait shops, fishing charters, boat chandlers, or anything else in your marina, we’ll work with you to get the coverage you need.

Coverage options may include:

  • General Liability
  • Building
  • Tools & Equipment
  • Commercial Auto
  • Owned Boats and Barges
  • Hired Vessels
  • Marina Operators Legal Liability
  • Protection & Indemnity
  • Employment Practice Liability
  • Workers Compensation
  • Bumbershoot (Excess) Policy
Keep Moving Forward with GrayStone Insurance

Keep Moving Forward with GrayStone Insurance

At GrayStone Insurance, we understand the importance of protecting your investments, valuables, and crew from maritime risks, and that's why we tailor coverage for a wide range of watercraft and marine liability exposures. With our custom coverages and unwavering support, we can ensure that your asset (boat) and maritime operations are sufficiently covered against the unexpected.

Whether you are looking for boat insurance or marine insurance near you, contact us today at info@graystonetx.com or call us at 866-988-3709.