Manufacturing / Product Liability Insurance

Protect Yourself From Claims Linked To Product Defects Or Problems

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Manufacturing / Product Liability Insurance

Protect Your Products from All Product-Defect Related Lawsuits

A well-designed product liability insurance package can assist you in managing and funding any judgments, rulings, or settlements levied against your company, along with the associated legal expenses. It ensures that you can carry out your operations as usual and achieve future success. Product liability insurance can protect you from all product liability expenses, whether you are a seller or a manufacturer.

Moreover, if you are a small business involved in creating, producing, marketing, and distributing any product or component, you need product liability insurance more than anyone else. This is because you probably won’t have your own legal team to save you from such lawsuits so that product liability insurance can come to your rescue.

How Product Liability Insurance Protects Common Professions


If you are a manufacturer, this insurance can cover you if a customer sues you over a product. It can assist pay for claims involving design flaws, manufacturing flaws, and other comparable difficulties.

Retailers and Sellers

Even if you were not directly responsible for a product flaw or other problem, retailers and wholesalers might be held accountable for damages caused by merchandise. Product liability insurance also helps cover claims arising from marketing flaws such as incorrect labeling or a lack of warnings.


This coverage is crucial for you if your work is related to an accident or property damage after it has been finished. For example, if a homeowner sues you because their freshly installed sink leaks and ruins their flooring, this coverage will assist you in paying your legal fees.

Our Product Liability Insurance Coverages

Our coverage includes:

Design and Defect Claim

This policy offers financial coverage for loss or damage of property for claims arising due to structural components, defective material, structural design faults, etc.

Manufacturing or Production Flaw

This plan offers coverage for manufacturing or production issues that cause dangerous defects in the product.

Clarity of Instructions

Your company can be sued if your products are improperly labeled or have inadequate warnings, which cannot reduce consumer risks while using the product. Product liability insurance can cover your business to prepare for and litigate such claims.

Advertising Claims

This coverage is a part of commercial general liability insurance that protects your business against claims of invasion of privacy, stolen ideas, copyright infringement, libel, and slander associated with advertising.

Product Warranties and Guarantees

It covers the costs of handling products that don't meet the specification or function for which it was produced or supplied.

Product Liability Insurance vs. General Liability Insurance

Product Liability Insurance vs. General Liability Insurance

These two policies are not the same, even though they are frequently purchased together.

General liability insurance covers a small business from the most typical claims. It protects against unintentional harm, such as a consumer stumbling in a puddle at your store and breaking their arm (or their phone). It also aids in the payment of claims alleging that you harmed a competitor's reputation or duplicated their logo.

However, product liability insurance protects you against losses caused by your products or finished services. Therefore, manufacturers, merchants, and contractors require both forms of insurance. You should consult with your insurance agent about the coverage you require to secure your business.

Whether you are an established business or an aspiring start-up, GrayStone Insurance Group will assist you in protecting yourself against unanticipated claims and litigation stemming from your products and services. Our team of seasoned insurance experts is dedicated to providing exceptional service exceeding our clients' expectations.

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