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We're passionate about business and the way it plays into daily life. So, we're committed to providing comprehensive solutions for high-risk and hard-to-place businesses, even when it's far from straightforward. You don't take the easy way out, and neither should your insurance group.

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Specialty Programs

Unapologetic ServiceGrayStone Insurance Group

We seek out solutions for high-risk and hard-to-place businesses when others run from it. It's just who we are. Based in Austin, Texas, GrayStone Insurance Group has a tenacity to do the hard things especially when it comes to serving our clients well.

So we won't just check the boxes when it comes to providing coverage. We'll push the limits -- and not just for the policy. Combining over 15+ years of experience, we've built on our founder's values of integrity and hard work to honor the clients and the businesses they run with our network and our nuanced knowledge of the industry.

Rest assured, we'll treat your business like our own, never settling for second-best.

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We write it all. For any industry, for every risk.
Every industry has its nuances that require careful navigation, from the restaurant down the street to the contractor building a new property. GrayStone Insurance Group pairs unmatched industry knowledge with deep care for businesses to find and provide policies that matter.

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