Live Music Clubs and Venues Insurance

Grow Your Entertainment Business Without Interruptions

Like bars and pubs, live music clubs and venues are also highly susceptible to risks posed by unruly patrons or unfortunate accidents that could lead to significant financial losses. That is why GrayStone Insurance Group provides customizable music clubs and venues insurance in Texas & New York. Our custom-tailored policies perfectly address your coverage needs while offering unwavering support and peace of mind.

Bars and Pubs Customized Coverage

Entertainment Can Be Expensive

Due to the great number of people attending live music events and concerts, the likelihood of accidents increases dramatically. Your business could be held liable for:

  • Safety and security hazards at the events
  • Fights between participants or fans that lead to injuries
  • Property damage by patrons
  • Injuries sustained by crew members

Yet, fortunately, insuring your live music venues will help you pay for any expenses arising from such unfortunate incidents, saving you from financial distress.

Insurance for Live Music Club and Venue Owners

Keeping in mind your unique risks exposure, we offer the following types of insurance for your entertainment business:

  • General Liability
    Covers property damage or bodily injuries sustained by patrons in and around your venues and clubs
  • Liquor Liability
    Covers alcohol-related incidents (physical injuries, property damage, and violence) if alcohol is served at your venue
  • Assault and Battery Liability
    Covers damages resulting from assault or battery, including physical conflicts, mugging, club fight injuries, and sexual harassment
  • Garage-Keepers Liability
    Pays for loss or damage to your patrons’ cars (while in your care) if your venue provides valet service
  • Bouncer Liability
    Covers physical injuries sustained by both patrons and bouncers while pushing around
  • Event Liability
    If you have to cancel or postpone the event, this policy reimburses non-refundable deposits and covers liabilities resulting from attendees’ participation in the event
  • Workers’ Compensation
    Pays for your employees’ lost wages, medical bills, and disability expenses if they are injured or get ill at work, thus protecting you from employee-related lawsuits

Additional Coverage Options

Besides the protection offered by standard policies, you can also opt for the following coverages:

  • Building Coverage
    Pays for structural damage to your building (owned) by perils such as weather, fire, theft, vandalism, and falling objects
  • Contents Coverage
    Pays for damage to your property, such as music equipment, sound systems, computers, power equipment, and electronics
  • Equipment Breakdown Coverage
    Covers equipment breakdown as a result of a power surge or mechanical failure
  • Lost Income Coverage
    Replaces lost income if your venue or club is unable to open after a covered loss

Get Tailored Insurance Solutions for Your Entertainment Business

Despite all your careful planning, things can still go wrong. That is why we are here, to cover all unprecedented exposures and incidents that might affect your bottom line. Our team of experts at GrayStone Insurance Group will identify your business risks and educate you on ways to minimize them. This way, you can make an informed decision concerning the coverage you need for your live music clubs and venues.

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