How to Avoid Common Insurance Mistakes

Sep 08, 2022


How to Avoid Common Insurance Mistakes

When it comes to insurance, you need to be fully informed. If there is any part of your insurance that you don't understand, you will be prone to make mistakes while choosing your policy. This can result in you paying more premiums while not being insured appropriately. This is true for all types of insurance, including auto, life, health, and home policies.

Here are some tips to avoid the most common insurance mistakes.

  • Find a Happy Medium When It Comes to Your Deductible

    Setting your deductible too low will cause your premiums to increase. Setting them too high will lower your premiums but may make it difficult to recover financially if an event occurs. Choose a more neutral amount for your deductibles. This will make it easy to pay your monthly premiums and also make it easier to recover after a claimable event. Your agent can help you find a happy medium that will keep your budget in balance.

  • Not Enough Insurance

    One of the biggest mistakes you can make is not having enough insurance coverage for either your home or auto insurance policies. Make sure to fully protect all of your possessions. This may mean purchasing a supplemental policy for antiques, fine art, jewelry, and other types of collectibles. You should consider the maximum amount your insurance will pay you in different cases.

  • Do You Still Need Comprehensive Auto Insurance?

    If you own an older automobile and no longer have an auto loan, you may want to drop your comprehensive coverage for collision or PL/PD coverage. This will save you money in the long run and still provide you with sufficient coverage to keep you legal while you are on the road. Once your auto loan is paid off, you can adjust your insurance coverage to better fit your budget.

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  • Learn More About Your Health Care Networks

    When it comes to your health insurance, learn about the networks that are included in your health care plan. It's also important to learn as much as you can about referrals as well. Understanding how your network and referrals work together will allow you to get the level of care you deserve at a cost you can afford. Your agent can help you identify your network as well as its many providers.

  • Insure Your Home at Replacement Value and Not Market Value

    Many people think insuring their home at market value rather than at replacement value would reduce their premiums, but that’s not the case. Market value takes the value of your home as well as land into account, making your premiums costly. On the other hand, replacement value means the replacement/repair/rebuild cost of all the items belonging to your house. Insuring your home at this value will save you money and adequately insure you in case of damage to your house.

Consult Graystone Insurance and Avoid These Common Mistakes

You can easily avoid many of the most common insurance mistakes by working with an agent you trust. Contact the agents at Graystone Insurance Group today. We have years of experience and will be able to answer all of your questions. Get to know one of our agents today so that you will always have all of the information you need.