Austin Allows Optional Masks at Spring Festivals | News

Apr, 07 2022


Austin Allows Optional Masks at Spring Festivals | News

Austin-Travis County announced in early March that it shifted from Stage 3 to Stage 2 for Covid risk-based guidelines, which translates into low risk. The stages range from 1 to 5, with 1 being the lowest risk. By the end of March, the County had dropped the guidelines completely and shifted to mirroring CDC guidelines.

Although it's optional for low-risk people, local health officials continue to recommend wearing masks at spring festivals. Here are important facts to know about preparing for spring festivals in Austin.

2022 Covid Guidelines for Austin-Travis County

The Covid-19 pandemic has subsided in the United States during the first three months of 2022. Austin Public Health (APH) advised communities to wear masks indoors through March 20. The organization's Public Health Director, Adrienne Sturrup, has urged at-risk individuals to get vaccinated.

The county's guidance includes calling for high-risk individuals to wear masks while dining and shopping. It further advises unvaccinated individuals and those who need booster shots to wear masks for all activities. You can find vaccine facilities through Vaccines.gov.

APH clinics provide both testing and Covid-19 vaccinations without appointments. Free vaccinations do not require ID or insurance. The organization also offers mobile vaccine clinics that include booster shots. A parent or guardian must accompany anyone who is aged under 18 for vaccination.

Most Mask Restrictions Lifted

In late March, Austin and Travis County health officials lifted all mask requirements at schools and most city-owned entities. This order ended a two-year mask mandate. By April, the only places where masks remained required were airports, jails, and healthcare centers. Austin-Travis County health official Dr. Desmar Walkes said that while the virus had not been eliminated, they continue to adapt their response to it.

The South By Southwest Festival, which is Austin's most noted annual event around the nation, started up again in March 2022. At that point, Austin was in Stage 2, so masks were required. Now precautions are optional for people at low risk, while those at medium or high risk should use precautions when gathering, dining, and shopping.

Insurance Wake-Up Call

The pandemic forced many businesses, particularly nightclub venues, to close. Those that lacked sufficient insurance were among the businesses that shut down the fastest. Another awakening for businesses was that without offering proper healthcare plans to workers, it's possible to see a large chunk of the labor force walk out quickly. It also raised questions for individuals who still don't have a personal healthcare plan.

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